Went to the hospital today.Had an ultrasound.Missed economics and math because of it.I had an amazing time watching people get stuck in the revolving door at the hospital while I waited for my taxi.There was even this one kid that must've gone around 50 times,I'm pretty sure HE was doing it on purpose.The taxi driver on the way home had a thick russian accent and I kept expecting him to lock the doors of the cab,pull over and ask me everything I knew about James Bond and if I didn't co-operate he'd kill me.So sometimes I have an overactive imagination...it keeps me from being bored.I realized I can't go see Jarhead with Leah on thursday which kinda sucks but whatever,I'll see it eventually.I found out that I raped french this term aside from oral and the only reason I did badly on that is because this year we have to do an entirely different kind of oral than the ones we've doing since grade 7 AND we only did one this term so we didn't get the chance to fix the mark if we did a bad job the first time.I know this is my second blog in two days but I'm not promising to write one every day,only when I have something to say.Well kids,that's all for now.Have a good one.
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So it's been more than a year since my last post.I was having trouble with blogger than decided to just abandon this blog.My brother Jer fixed my blog today so here I am again.Lots has happend since I last wrote here.I got a girlfriend,fell in love with her best friend after almost 2 months.The previously mentioned best friend and I became best friends.She fell for and started doing drugs with my little brother.They got caught.Things between us have been rocky ever since.I went to summer camp to get away from all the stuff going on at home.It saved me.I made a whole bunch of new friends that I'm really grateful to have.Met an amazing girl who thinks I'm amazing too.She lives two hours away in Lennoxville.She's moving here next year and we're going to start dating then.Until then we chat on MSN and she comes down and visits...that's only happend once but more are planned for the future. Her name is Eithne,you're gonna get a lot of blogs about her.I'm in my last year of highschool and I'm getting my first report card soon so I'll get to see if I got off on the right foot.It's good to be back and hope someone will start reading this again.
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Hi,I've really started falling for Jenni although for the first time in my life it has hit me that what we have now actually IS better,the distance would never work or be any fun.I love talking to her,it's weird like with her and steph I feel like I can say any random stupid thing that comes to my head and not sound stupid..it's pretty freeing,I'm super glad I ever got the chance to talk to steph. Besides all that not much has been going on,I got one tube taken out and I get the last one out in 2 weeks!I'm still not sure when I'm gonna start school,it depends on when they get the elevator fixed.Well that's all for now.
Song: New Found Glory-Sincerely Me


Not much has been going on,I can't wait to get back to school...damn broken elevator!I'be been falling really hard for my new friend Jenni lately but I can't imagine doing the long distance thing again and I don't think she'd want to anyway.I got one of my tubes from surgery taken out and it didn't hurt too bad which was good.Well that's all for now.
Song: New Found Glory-Second To Last


I'm back from surgery,the experience was awful for the first few days but got better as time went on.I'm sooo happy to be home,my parents ordered MTV2 and MuchLOUD.I spend my time between that and my computer.Deviantart has shown me that there is plenty of people in the world who will be supportive and caring without even knowing...it's almost restored my faith in humanity.Right now I'm reading A Prayer For Owen Meany,its one of my favorite books ever...it's soo funny I suggest all of you go out and buy this book...then go see the movie Simon Birch and get pissed off at the idiots that inhabit Hollywood who exist to take good books then shit on them and call it a movie.Well that's all for today.
Song: Blink 182-Easy Target


Well guys,Steph and her cousin have abandoned me for camping...Jen will be back before I go into surgery which is cool but Steph won't be...I won't be able to talk to her for like a month...it blows. I'm really starting to panic about my operation...I'm coughing a lot and shit so it may not even happen which would suck despite my worrying about how much its gonna hurt.Today I'm doing nothing as usual.Things have been really weird with Ash lately every time we talk there's just this awkward silence and then we just end up making small talk...maybe she doesn't like me anymore...maybe I don't like her...its weird that we can't seem to be comfortable just being friends like everything is cool when at least one of us likes each other but now neither of us is sure...oh well,enough rambling for now.See ya.
Song: Alexisonfire-Jubella


I got back from Aylmer last night,it was pretty fun,my grandparents bought me a H.I.M cd and its amazing! While I was in aylmer we went on Chris' boat tour which was cool cuz he's super funny.We bought ice cream downtown and I got cotton candy flavor and it was sooooo damn good.The minor dillema I was having has been solved,it didn't edn the way I wanted it to but I'm glad that it's over.I go in for surgery in five days and that has me scared shitless,I'm even having nightmares about it. I'm not worried about the operation itself just what its gonna be like when I wake up.Well that's all for today.
Song: Deadsy-Flowing Glower


I just got back from andrews party,it was pretty cool,2 people didn't show but whatever.We watched The Exorcist(funny and campy as hell) Evil Dead 2(funny and campy as hell) and Clerks(funny as hell). Andrew and I watched The Conan O'Brien Show before Tiff and Steph showed up(almost 2 hours late lol) and that show is sooo funny.Well tomorrow I leave for Aylmer till Thursday and when we come back I have surgery...have a good week guys.
Song: Blink-182-Dumpweed


Today I went to the hospital to see the cardiology guys to make sure my heart is gonna be ok for surgery,good news is it is!The bad news is the doc said that if I pierce my lip or lebret I could get an infection,have a heart attack and die,but I can at least get my eyebrow and ears done.Tomorrow I go to Andrew's "party" and pack to leave for aylmer on sunday.Well that's all for now.
Song: Less Than Jake-Bad Scene And A Basement Show


Well after a long chat with Steph I've decided to try and get over Ash,what I mean by that is if she decides she wants to get together I'll do that but I'm also gonna keep my options open for any other potential crush/girlfriend...whatever comes up lol.Theres no much other news but I have one final comment,STEPH ROCKS!!!
Song: Crowned King-Tired Eyes


Today was pretty fun,I went sailing and the water was pretty calm but I got to watch a few races which was pretty exciting. I also got to talk to the instructor about the O.C which was pretty funny. This morning I watched Agent Cody Banks which was actually a pretty cool movie. I'm not doing anything tonight except chilling on MSN. On sunday we're going to aylmer and I'm gonna hang out with Jason while I'm there which is gonna be awesome cuz we haven't hung out in forever.Well that's all for now.
Song: Crowned King-All That She Wanted


Hi,I hung out with Kandice today which was pretty cool,we played nintendo the whole time and talked about stuff like teenage dating,stereotypes and other perils of being a teen and also told a few funny stories.Before she came over my mom said that if I was going to be in my room with her I had to keep my door open lol.First of all Kandice has a bf and second of all the odds of anyone being interested in me that way are VERY tiny.In other news,Zac is home and is as annoying as ever.Well that's all for today.
Song: Less Than Jake-Suburban Myth


Things are really starting to pick up...nothing's been resolved but I think things have a better chance of going my way now. My mom is hasseling me to go out and do stuff with friends which is kind of annoying but i might try to do something soon just to get her off my case. I'm not doing anything today as usual just chatting on MSN and listening to music on my discman cuz my mom's sleeping.Well that's all for now,if any new information comes up in my little dillema you'll be the first to know(whoever you are that reads this).
Song: Less Than Jake-Malt Liquor Tastes Better


I can't handle this anymore. Just when things seem to be going my way things just fall apart.I feel so powerless,the choice isn't mine but the outcome will change me forever. Before I just wanted all this to be done and it didn't matter what the outcome was...but now it does matter and I'm losing,losing very badly. The outcome to all of this has actually been postponed too which really pissed me off...god I feel helpless,all I want is to feel loved but how can I expect anyone to love me if I don't love myself? But that's a whole other problem.Well I'm done for now...things will be sorted soon....I hope.
Song: Crowned King-Unarmed


Hi,not much is going on today,life is getting a little less chaotic or maybe it's just I'm getting numb to the choas now...oh well. I'm having surgery on the 15th which is getting closer and quite a bit scarier.I noticed my musical taste has really started to change,I'm moving away from metal and geting into emo,ska and all those punky sub-genres. Well that's all for today...I wonder if anyone even reads this anymore.
Song: Crowned King-Tired Eyes


Well I haven't posted anything in months because I was using a website called deviantart for posting poems and a journal but I can't do my journal on there anymore because too many people I know watch my account and I've gotten in trouble for things I've written...none of them know I still have this journal so its safe for me to blog here again.Well that's all for today.
Song:Something Corporate-Only Ashes


Hi,I'm back to being depressed. I feel like I always want to be around this one person but then whenever I am I just want to get up and leave. I wish things hadn't turned out like this but I guess it was inevitable. I've also been thinking a lot lately about times I had the chance to do things but I passed them up,my mind is clouded with regrets. Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song: Staind-Secret Song


Hi,I got my bass yesterday and realized that teaching myself isn't an option,I need someone who knows what they're doing.I tried to teach myself adams song and war pigs and it's just not working, I have too many questions. I also picked out my new glasses. They're wicked awesome! They're like the kind that the lead singer of alexisonfire has,they also come with these cool clip-on sunglasses so I don't have to buy prescription shades which is awesome!Well that's all for today.
Song:Default-Crossing The Line


Hi,I've been pretty depressed lately,I think it has to do with liking Brittni but maybe not. I just haven't been happy about anything. Today was boring as usual,I spent most of it listenin to Neils,hes going through a rough time so I'm just trying to do my best to help him out.Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song:Cold-Stupid Girl


Well today I went to another FTC meeting. Our african dinner is on April 3. My job is to sell tickets to people I know.I don't know why I even go,I don't do much,I mostly just sit and listen to other people give ideas. I don't sign up to help do things because I don't have any useful talents. When we have a fundraiser I normally sit around and look lost and hand out pamphlets which no one ever takes anyway. Zac brought these details to my attention after the meeting today. Oh well maybe people give us money because I'm in a wheelchair and they think I'm a refugee...or maybe not. Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song: IME-dunno the name because I'm just playing the c.d


Hi,I got a phone cal from Laura 2 days ago,she only passed 2 classes on her report card so she isn't allowed to use the computer,at least shes not dead.Today I'm going to see Secret Window with my parents and I watched Bowling For Columbine,it's an amazing movie,if you haven't seen it yet I highly suggest you do.Well that's all for today.
Song:OLP-Potato Girl

Good morning,sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've just been too lazy. Not much has been happening lately,I got a phone call from laura,it turns out she only passed 2 classes on her report card so she not allowed to go on the computer. My parents said I can call her anytime after 6(she lives in vancouver so the long distance will be free). Today is going to be another day of me being a pathetic loser and doing nothing *sigh* *hangs head in shame*.Well thats all for today.

Song: No music because it's so damn early.


Hi,I'm really worried about my friend Laura,she hasn't been on MSN for soo long and I lost her number so I can't call to find out if everything is ok. My friend Neils has a girlfriend now and hes nauseatingly happy. Most people say it's because I'm alone...they're probably right,oh well.That's all for today.
Song:Finger Eleven-First Time


Hi,Today was another day spent on my computer,playing with Diego and sleeping.I really need to get out of my house!If only I had friends to do something with.Oh well.I was gonna go to Brittni's house but her parents still aren't home so I can't.Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song:Evanesence-Bring Me To Life


Hi guys,I've been really busy lately so thats why I haven't updated in awhile. I went to Aylmer for march break and it was amazing.I got to hang out with Rob and talk about the stuff that was bothering me and I'm happy again. My computer is permanently broken so I'm using my laptop instead. Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:The White Stripes-Hardest Button To Button


Hi,My world is slowly going to hell.My circle of friends(Brittni,Me,Andrew and Neils) is falling apart!Neils is ruining everything by making all of us uncomfortable.We want him out but the can't take a hint.When we say we don't like him he thinks we're kidding and we can't just not be around him because he stalks us.Andrew and I both have the feeling that something very bad is going on but we're not being told about whats going on.Well thats all I know for now.I'll let you know whats going on as soon as I do.
Song:Finger Eleven-Suffocate


Hi,The Barenaked Ladies concert was amazing!!My throat is still sore from all the singing and screaming.I did notice something very troubling however,there was a few people who during the slow songs instead of using lighters turned on the light on their cellphones and waved them around.Jesus!What has the world come to!?We're letting those damn phones take over our lives.I have nothing against using cell phones unless you're driving or using them for more than I just a phone!Using them as a lighter replacement is just plain insanity!!But besides that the show was awesome.A guy named Ron Sexsmith opened for them,I highly suggest you check him out.Well that's all for today.


Hi,Today was pretty awesome.Andrew came back from being sick which was a lot of fun because we always have these crazy conversations,today we were talking about if Batman and Superman fought who would win?We both agreed Batman would because he'd have kryptonite hidden in his utility belt.Then from there we started talking about if Jesus and Moses fought who would win?I said Jesus because he has all those mystical powers but Andrew and our friend Marc were saying that Moses would win because of his kick ass staff,we never came to an agreement. Andrew is a hilarious guy,he can take a conversation about a simple thing and make a mockery of the whole thing,it's great!The trouble I was having with one of my friends has been resolved, thank god, and everything is back to normal.I'm going to the Barenaked Ladies concert tonight so that'll be a good ending to an awesome day.Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:Led Zeppelin-Tangerine


Hi,I'm pretty sore right now.I had hockey this morning and an FTC meeting.That went pretty well,I'm part of the group thats gonna be making and selling the tickets to the dinner we're having.At hockey I played pretty well, I got one goal on an amazing break away.Next week we play my old team from Ottawa so that should be fun to see how many people are still on the team.Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song-Chevelle-An Evening With El Diablo


Hi,today is a very dreary day,its dark and cold outside,making everything feel boring and dull. I'm in a pretty good mood because my parents are letting me pierce my ears and eyebrow next weekend! I wanted to get my lip pierced but my damn heart defect forbids it!Oh well at least I'm getting my ears and eyebrow done. I will also be spending my march break in Aylmer,where I'm getting the piercing done so that gonna be kick ass!Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:The All-American Rejects-Happy Endings


Hi,It's a P.D day today and I am as usual doing nothing. I'm still feeling kinda sick,damn this cold is annoying. Recent events have me considering becoming a hermit,totally shut off from the rest of the world. Besides people normally just cause trouble. They put ideas in your brain then they realize its not what THEY wanted and then you feel hurt and can't even looking the person in the face. God, people suck!!Well thats enough ranting for today.See ya.
Song:Finger Eleven-Absent Elements


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