Hi guys,Happy new years.Theres not much to report today I don't even have a rant for you.I guess I'm pretty happy right now and don't have anything to complain about.Well i hope anyone reading this has a fun and safe new years,I promise I'l something intresting to say tomorrow.later daze.


Good evening reader,Recently I've felt like I don't even know myself,like I'm a stranger in my own mind.It's as if every time I make a desicion no matter how small i end up thinking how stupid a thing it was to do.I figure it's just apart of the awkward stage of life we call teenhood.That brings me to another point have you ever heard someone say "Highschool was the best years of my life" the people who say this were either arond in the 60's and were too high to realize what was going on around them or so popular they never had to face the bad things about highschool.If highschool is gonna be the best years of my life I may as well kill myself cuz its shitty now I can't imagine it getting any worse.Well I've vented all I need to today so thanks for reading my pathetic excuse of a blog.


Hi,I had a pretty weird day today,when I woke up I was depressed and angry then at about 3:00 I got super hyper and happy(maybe it had to do with me telling my mom about Ashley)then about a few minutes I started feeling really depressed again(maybe because Ashley signed off without saying goodbye).Isn't it weird how my mood seems to revolve around this one person?Is this what love is,letting one person control every aspect of your life?To me that sounds kinda pathetic,maybe thats why people get married because that need that persons recognition to go on with life.If thats true maybe love should really be called "i'm a pathetic loser who needs other people to be happy".Well thats how i saw the world today.Thanks for reading(if anyone did).


Hi,my name is Brian Clarke,this is my first post so I'm gonna tell you about myself.I am 15 years old.I like all sorts of music.My favorite bands are Deadsy,Nickelback and Korn.I spend all my time either listening to music or reading or chatting on MSN.I'm in grade 9.I'm in a wheelchair.I have brown eyes,black hair and glasses.I can't really think of anything else to say,if I do it'll be in my next post.Well thanks for reading.later daze.


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