Hi,Well we didn't go to Aylmer today.I ended up sitting in my room listening to my new discman and reading a whole book,Slake's Limbo. It's an amazing book I suggest you check it out.Well there's lots of people on MSN bugging me so I'd better go.bye.
Song:Finch-Project Mayhem


Hi,I'm going to buy a new discman today!My parents are out to lunch with the neighbours and I'm here alone waiting for someone to sign on MSN.I have the day off school today cuz the teachers have to make the report cards and stuff.I'm pretty sure my marks are gonna suck this term,oh well.I'm going to Aylmer tomorrow so I'm really happy about that.Well thats all for today.bye.
Song:AFI-At a Glance


Hi guys,I'm pretty bored right now.It seems as though with my new time limit no one is on MSN when I am.This time limit has me very annoyed!!Well not much has been going on.I'm going to aylmer this weekend which is always fun,at least I can look forward to that.Well I better get going.bye.


Hi guys,I didn't get my bass this weekend they had none left to rent.So I'm sitting in my room and making small talk with Laura,we never seem to have much to say to each other ever since she moved.Maybe we just grew apart.Oh well,thats all for today.bye.


Hi guys,No one is on MSN right now so I'm gonna bring you up to speed.I had an awesome night last night talking to ash about silly things and being silly it was great.Yesterday Rob and Ash and I decided that after highschool we're all gonna move to Alymer and start a band.We are only missing a drummer and a singer right now.I'm gonna rent my bass next weekend just to make sure I like playing and if I do I'm gonna buy one.The band name is The Low-Art Glomminati,cool eh?Well I best be going.bye.
Marilyn Manson-Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag


Hi guys,I'm home from school today because the power was out this morning.Everything is fine now my mom just didn't feel like driving me to school.No one is on MSN right now so I'm pretty bored and I decided to update you guys on whats been going on with me.I've been missing my discman a lot lately,it's in the shop cuz it keeps breaking.I almost have enough money to rent a bass.I want to rent instead of buy one so I can be sure I like playing and see if I'm any good.If all goes well I'm gonna try and start a band.I might ask adam....we'll see.Well thats all for today.bye.
Song:Finger 11-First Time


Hi guys,Not much has been happening as usual.I've been sleeping normally but I'm still tired all the time which is kinda a weird but meh.I hope you've been doing well.Well thats all for today.bye.


Hi guys,Not much has happend lately.I had hockey today and tried really hard but got no goals.I'm pretty tired now and I can't wait for supper to be ready,lasagna!yummy!Ok well thats all for today.bye.
Song:Marillyn Manson-Lamb Of God


Hey guys,sorry for not writing anything I've been pretty sick lately(damn migraines!!).I'm home from school sick again today so I figured this would be a good time to write something.Well I saw LOTR 3 with brittni last weekend,it was pretty good except at the end the effects looked pretty bad but whatever at least it wasn't a waste of time.Brittni and I spent most of the time making fun of the movie.Ever since school started again Ash and I haven't talked a lot,I miss talking to her.March break is getting closer and closer and thats got me kinda stressed out but as all my friends are telling me "I'll be fine".Well I better get going.later daze.


Hi guys,Sorry I havent updated in a few days,I just haven't been feeling up to it.I've been pretty stressed lately,but i'm not gonna get in to that.I'm just letting you know why I didn't write anything(wait if no one is reading this who cares?) oh well.I'll write again tomorrow.later daze.


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