Hi,My world is slowly going to hell.My circle of friends(Brittni,Me,Andrew and Neils) is falling apart!Neils is ruining everything by making all of us uncomfortable.We want him out but the can't take a hint.When we say we don't like him he thinks we're kidding and we can't just not be around him because he stalks us.Andrew and I both have the feeling that something very bad is going on but we're not being told about whats going on.Well thats all I know for now.I'll let you know whats going on as soon as I do.
Song:Finger Eleven-Suffocate


Hi,The Barenaked Ladies concert was amazing!!My throat is still sore from all the singing and screaming.I did notice something very troubling however,there was a few people who during the slow songs instead of using lighters turned on the light on their cellphones and waved them around.Jesus!What has the world come to!?We're letting those damn phones take over our lives.I have nothing against using cell phones unless you're driving or using them for more than I just a phone!Using them as a lighter replacement is just plain insanity!!But besides that the show was awesome.A guy named Ron Sexsmith opened for them,I highly suggest you check him out.Well that's all for today.


Hi,Today was pretty awesome.Andrew came back from being sick which was a lot of fun because we always have these crazy conversations,today we were talking about if Batman and Superman fought who would win?We both agreed Batman would because he'd have kryptonite hidden in his utility belt.Then from there we started talking about if Jesus and Moses fought who would win?I said Jesus because he has all those mystical powers but Andrew and our friend Marc were saying that Moses would win because of his kick ass staff,we never came to an agreement. Andrew is a hilarious guy,he can take a conversation about a simple thing and make a mockery of the whole thing,it's great!The trouble I was having with one of my friends has been resolved, thank god, and everything is back to normal.I'm going to the Barenaked Ladies concert tonight so that'll be a good ending to an awesome day.Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:Led Zeppelin-Tangerine


Hi,I'm pretty sore right now.I had hockey this morning and an FTC meeting.That went pretty well,I'm part of the group thats gonna be making and selling the tickets to the dinner we're having.At hockey I played pretty well, I got one goal on an amazing break away.Next week we play my old team from Ottawa so that should be fun to see how many people are still on the team.Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song-Chevelle-An Evening With El Diablo


Hi,today is a very dreary day,its dark and cold outside,making everything feel boring and dull. I'm in a pretty good mood because my parents are letting me pierce my ears and eyebrow next weekend! I wanted to get my lip pierced but my damn heart defect forbids it!Oh well at least I'm getting my ears and eyebrow done. I will also be spending my march break in Aylmer,where I'm getting the piercing done so that gonna be kick ass!Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:The All-American Rejects-Happy Endings


Hi,It's a P.D day today and I am as usual doing nothing. I'm still feeling kinda sick,damn this cold is annoying. Recent events have me considering becoming a hermit,totally shut off from the rest of the world. Besides people normally just cause trouble. They put ideas in your brain then they realize its not what THEY wanted and then you feel hurt and can't even looking the person in the face. God, people suck!!Well thats enough ranting for today.See ya.
Song:Finger Eleven-Absent Elements


Hi,Today I spent my lunch with Adam hiding in the library doing homework. We both didn't feel like being around lots of people.The library is a good place....very quiet and painless.This might sound gay but I actually feel safe there.I think I might spend more time in there. I can't say what or who I'm hiding from but if you know me well enough you can guess. Being alone is a lot like not being crazy,there are no other voices that try and get you to do things. The only downisde is you're not allowed to eat in there so i have to eat my lunch in the noise.Oh well.That's all for today.


Hi guys,I'm feeling pretty shitty right now.I'm sooooooo sick and I wish I could crawl in a hole and die!I was just talking to Brittni on the phone and Zac came in and hung up the phone!!God hes annoying.I might not go to school tomorrow if I don't feel any better.Well I'll write again soon.
See ya.
Song:Led Zeppellin-Friends


Hi,As it turned out valentines day wasn't so bad.I had fun hanging with Brittni.Today I had hockey and I didn't get any goals but I had lots of chances to score, DAMN GOALIE!!!Well at least the ottawa senators kicked the montreal candadians asses last night WOO HOO!!Well I get my report card tomorrow which is never a good thing.My french mark went down soooo much and I think I failed math.Oh well I'll make up for it this term.Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song:Alice Cooper-Desperado


Hi,Today is valentines day..ugh god I hate valentines day!I'm gonna be doing the usual,sitting in my room listening to depressing music. I hope Brittni calls so we can do something and I get an excuse to leave the house. Yestrday at school was even worse than today. The school was pretending it was valentines day,like what the hell!? It's a stupid day even on the right fucking day!!Why do we have to celebrate it twice and once a whole day early!?Ok well I'm done ranting. I hope you have a good day.
Song:Silverchair-Steam Will Rise


Hi guys,Now that I have time I'm gonna bring you up to speed as to what happend since my last blog. Ash ended up reading it and getting mad and we basically have stopped talking. I told Brittni that I have a crush on her and she said she thinks of me as just a friend,it's no big deal being friends is cool too. Andrew and I have been having exceptionally fun lunches lately. We just come up with stupid things to do that bug people and do them. If one exceptionally awesome one happens I'll let you know. Well that's all for now.see ya.
Song:Korn-Let's Get This Party Started


Hi guys,I had a really funny day today.Paul kept badgering me about how he thinks I should go out with Brittni and every time any guy would talk to her he'd say "DUDE THAT GUY IS MACKING ON YOUR BITCH" and it was really funny. Then in last class Andrew was talking about how when I argue I don't actually argue,I just keep saying that I'm right until the person I'm arguing with gives up.Well thats all the stories I have for today.bye.
Song: Default-Movin' On


Hi guys,Today I had my first biology class.It seems like it'll be really fun and Fuzessi seems like a cool teacher.Besides that my day has been really boring and I'm currently sitting on MSN hoping someone intresting will sign in before I die of boredom.Laura isn't talking to me much for some reason.YAY!Jason just signed on,talking to him might be fun.Well I'm gonna get going.bye.
Song:Green Day-Warning


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