Hi,I'm back to being depressed. I feel like I always want to be around this one person but then whenever I am I just want to get up and leave. I wish things hadn't turned out like this but I guess it was inevitable. I've also been thinking a lot lately about times I had the chance to do things but I passed them up,my mind is clouded with regrets. Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song: Staind-Secret Song


Hi,I got my bass yesterday and realized that teaching myself isn't an option,I need someone who knows what they're doing.I tried to teach myself adams song and war pigs and it's just not working, I have too many questions. I also picked out my new glasses. They're wicked awesome! They're like the kind that the lead singer of alexisonfire has,they also come with these cool clip-on sunglasses so I don't have to buy prescription shades which is awesome!Well that's all for today.
Song:Default-Crossing The Line


Hi,I've been pretty depressed lately,I think it has to do with liking Brittni but maybe not. I just haven't been happy about anything. Today was boring as usual,I spent most of it listenin to Neils,hes going through a rough time so I'm just trying to do my best to help him out.Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song:Cold-Stupid Girl


Well today I went to another FTC meeting. Our african dinner is on April 3. My job is to sell tickets to people I know.I don't know why I even go,I don't do much,I mostly just sit and listen to other people give ideas. I don't sign up to help do things because I don't have any useful talents. When we have a fundraiser I normally sit around and look lost and hand out pamphlets which no one ever takes anyway. Zac brought these details to my attention after the meeting today. Oh well maybe people give us money because I'm in a wheelchair and they think I'm a refugee...or maybe not. Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song: IME-dunno the name because I'm just playing the c.d


Hi,I got a phone cal from Laura 2 days ago,she only passed 2 classes on her report card so she isn't allowed to use the computer,at least shes not dead.Today I'm going to see Secret Window with my parents and I watched Bowling For Columbine,it's an amazing movie,if you haven't seen it yet I highly suggest you do.Well that's all for today.
Song:OLP-Potato Girl

Good morning,sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've just been too lazy. Not much has been happening lately,I got a phone call from laura,it turns out she only passed 2 classes on her report card so she not allowed to go on the computer. My parents said I can call her anytime after 6(she lives in vancouver so the long distance will be free). Today is going to be another day of me being a pathetic loser and doing nothing *sigh* *hangs head in shame*.Well thats all for today.

Song: No music because it's so damn early.


Hi,I'm really worried about my friend Laura,she hasn't been on MSN for soo long and I lost her number so I can't call to find out if everything is ok. My friend Neils has a girlfriend now and hes nauseatingly happy. Most people say it's because I'm alone...they're probably right,oh well.That's all for today.
Song:Finger Eleven-First Time


Hi,Today was another day spent on my computer,playing with Diego and sleeping.I really need to get out of my house!If only I had friends to do something with.Oh well.I was gonna go to Brittni's house but her parents still aren't home so I can't.Well that's all for today.See ya.
Song:Evanesence-Bring Me To Life


Hi guys,I've been really busy lately so thats why I haven't updated in awhile. I went to Aylmer for march break and it was amazing.I got to hang out with Rob and talk about the stuff that was bothering me and I'm happy again. My computer is permanently broken so I'm using my laptop instead. Well thats all for today.See ya.
Song:The White Stripes-Hardest Button To Button


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