I can't handle this anymore. Just when things seem to be going my way things just fall apart.I feel so powerless,the choice isn't mine but the outcome will change me forever. Before I just wanted all this to be done and it didn't matter what the outcome was...but now it does matter and I'm losing,losing very badly. The outcome to all of this has actually been postponed too which really pissed me off...god I feel helpless,all I want is to feel loved but how can I expect anyone to love me if I don't love myself? But that's a whole other problem.Well I'm done for now...things will be sorted soon....I hope.
Song: Crowned King-Unarmed


Hi,not much is going on today,life is getting a little less chaotic or maybe it's just I'm getting numb to the choas now...oh well. I'm having surgery on the 15th which is getting closer and quite a bit scarier.I noticed my musical taste has really started to change,I'm moving away from metal and geting into emo,ska and all those punky sub-genres. Well that's all for today...I wonder if anyone even reads this anymore.
Song: Crowned King-Tired Eyes


Well I haven't posted anything in months because I was using a website called deviantart for posting poems and a journal but I can't do my journal on there anymore because too many people I know watch my account and I've gotten in trouble for things I've written...none of them know I still have this journal so its safe for me to blog here again.Well that's all for today.
Song:Something Corporate-Only Ashes


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