I'm back from surgery,the experience was awful for the first few days but got better as time went on.I'm sooo happy to be home,my parents ordered MTV2 and MuchLOUD.I spend my time between that and my computer.Deviantart has shown me that there is plenty of people in the world who will be supportive and caring without even knowing...it's almost restored my faith in humanity.Right now I'm reading A Prayer For Owen Meany,its one of my favorite books ever...it's soo funny I suggest all of you go out and buy this book...then go see the movie Simon Birch and get pissed off at the idiots that inhabit Hollywood who exist to take good books then shit on them and call it a movie.Well that's all for today.
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Well guys,Steph and her cousin have abandoned me for camping...Jen will be back before I go into surgery which is cool but Steph won't be...I won't be able to talk to her for like a month...it blows. I'm really starting to panic about my operation...I'm coughing a lot and shit so it may not even happen which would suck despite my worrying about how much its gonna hurt.Today I'm doing nothing as usual.Things have been really weird with Ash lately every time we talk there's just this awkward silence and then we just end up making small talk...maybe she doesn't like me anymore...maybe I don't like her...its weird that we can't seem to be comfortable just being friends like everything is cool when at least one of us likes each other but now neither of us is sure...oh well,enough rambling for now.See ya.
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I got back from Aylmer last night,it was pretty fun,my grandparents bought me a H.I.M cd and its amazing! While I was in aylmer we went on Chris' boat tour which was cool cuz he's super funny.We bought ice cream downtown and I got cotton candy flavor and it was sooooo damn good.The minor dillema I was having has been solved,it didn't edn the way I wanted it to but I'm glad that it's over.I go in for surgery in five days and that has me scared shitless,I'm even having nightmares about it. I'm not worried about the operation itself just what its gonna be like when I wake up.Well that's all for today.
Song: Deadsy-Flowing Glower


I just got back from andrews party,it was pretty cool,2 people didn't show but whatever.We watched The Exorcist(funny and campy as hell) Evil Dead 2(funny and campy as hell) and Clerks(funny as hell). Andrew and I watched The Conan O'Brien Show before Tiff and Steph showed up(almost 2 hours late lol) and that show is sooo funny.Well tomorrow I leave for Aylmer till Thursday and when we come back I have surgery...have a good week guys.
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Today I went to the hospital to see the cardiology guys to make sure my heart is gonna be ok for surgery,good news is it is!The bad news is the doc said that if I pierce my lip or lebret I could get an infection,have a heart attack and die,but I can at least get my eyebrow and ears done.Tomorrow I go to Andrew's "party" and pack to leave for aylmer on sunday.Well that's all for now.
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Well after a long chat with Steph I've decided to try and get over Ash,what I mean by that is if she decides she wants to get together I'll do that but I'm also gonna keep my options open for any other potential crush/girlfriend...whatever comes up lol.Theres no much other news but I have one final comment,STEPH ROCKS!!!
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Today was pretty fun,I went sailing and the water was pretty calm but I got to watch a few races which was pretty exciting. I also got to talk to the instructor about the O.C which was pretty funny. This morning I watched Agent Cody Banks which was actually a pretty cool movie. I'm not doing anything tonight except chilling on MSN. On sunday we're going to aylmer and I'm gonna hang out with Jason while I'm there which is gonna be awesome cuz we haven't hung out in forever.Well that's all for now.
Song: Crowned King-All That She Wanted


Hi,I hung out with Kandice today which was pretty cool,we played nintendo the whole time and talked about stuff like teenage dating,stereotypes and other perils of being a teen and also told a few funny stories.Before she came over my mom said that if I was going to be in my room with her I had to keep my door open lol.First of all Kandice has a bf and second of all the odds of anyone being interested in me that way are VERY tiny.In other news,Zac is home and is as annoying as ever.Well that's all for today.
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Things are really starting to pick up...nothing's been resolved but I think things have a better chance of going my way now. My mom is hasseling me to go out and do stuff with friends which is kind of annoying but i might try to do something soon just to get her off my case. I'm not doing anything today as usual just chatting on MSN and listening to music on my discman cuz my mom's sleeping.Well that's all for now,if any new information comes up in my little dillema you'll be the first to know(whoever you are that reads this).
Song: Less Than Jake-Malt Liquor Tastes Better


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