Hi,I've really started falling for Jenni although for the first time in my life it has hit me that what we have now actually IS better,the distance would never work or be any fun.I love talking to her,it's weird like with her and steph I feel like I can say any random stupid thing that comes to my head and not sound stupid..it's pretty freeing,I'm super glad I ever got the chance to talk to steph. Besides all that not much has been going on,I got one tube taken out and I get the last one out in 2 weeks!I'm still not sure when I'm gonna start school,it depends on when they get the elevator fixed.Well that's all for now.
Song: New Found Glory-Sincerely Me


Not much has been going on,I can't wait to get back to school...damn broken elevator!I'be been falling really hard for my new friend Jenni lately but I can't imagine doing the long distance thing again and I don't think she'd want to anyway.I got one of my tubes from surgery taken out and it didn't hurt too bad which was good.Well that's all for now.
Song: New Found Glory-Second To Last


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