Went to the hospital today.Had an ultrasound.Missed economics and math because of it.I had an amazing time watching people get stuck in the revolving door at the hospital while I waited for my taxi.There was even this one kid that must've gone around 50 times,I'm pretty sure HE was doing it on purpose.The taxi driver on the way home had a thick russian accent and I kept expecting him to lock the doors of the cab,pull over and ask me everything I knew about James Bond and if I didn't co-operate he'd kill me.So sometimes I have an overactive imagination...it keeps me from being bored.I realized I can't go see Jarhead with Leah on thursday which kinda sucks but whatever,I'll see it eventually.I found out that I raped french this term aside from oral and the only reason I did badly on that is because this year we have to do an entirely different kind of oral than the ones we've doing since grade 7 AND we only did one this term so we didn't get the chance to fix the mark if we did a bad job the first time.I know this is my second blog in two days but I'm not promising to write one every day,only when I have something to say.Well kids,that's all for now.Have a good one.
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So it's been more than a year since my last post.I was having trouble with blogger than decided to just abandon this blog.My brother Jer fixed my blog today so here I am again.Lots has happend since I last wrote here.I got a girlfriend,fell in love with her best friend after almost 2 months.The previously mentioned best friend and I became best friends.She fell for and started doing drugs with my little brother.They got caught.Things between us have been rocky ever since.I went to summer camp to get away from all the stuff going on at home.It saved me.I made a whole bunch of new friends that I'm really grateful to have.Met an amazing girl who thinks I'm amazing too.She lives two hours away in Lennoxville.She's moving here next year and we're going to start dating then.Until then we chat on MSN and she comes down and visits...that's only happend once but more are planned for the future. Her name is Eithne,you're gonna get a lot of blogs about her.I'm in my last year of highschool and I'm getting my first report card soon so I'll get to see if I got off on the right foot.It's good to be back and hope someone will start reading this again.
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