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"If a man's good for nothing else, he can at least teach philosophy."

-William James

Peer Tutoring

Worried about writing a paper? Need help with last minute cramming? The Undergraduate Philosophy Peer Tutoring Program is here to help!

Need Help?

If you're interested in getting a tutor for your course, just write an email to philpeertutor(at) and leave all important information (student id number, contact info, course, professor, and desired times for tutoring). Someone will get back to you before you can say "deus ex machina."


If you're interested in becoming a tutor for a course, email philpeertutor(at) with all of your pertinent student information, as well as which classes you have completed with exemplary grades and for which you would feel comfortable tutoring.

Fortify your knowledge of the readings and ideas you've learned while helping other students acheive their full potential. Peer Tutoring is a win/win situation.

Note also that tutors will receive a letter from the Philosophy Department recognizing their contribution.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact us.
( cpsa(at) ) ( web: jer(at) )