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"Unless philosophers become kings in our cities, or unless those who now are kings and rulers become true philosophers, so that political power and philosophic intelligence converge, and unless those lesser natures who run after one without the other are excluded from governing, I believe there can be no end to troubles"

-Plato, The Republic

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Philosophy Students Association is to represent the Concordia philosophy student body and to encourage and maintain student life on campus. It seeks to provide opportunities for each philosophy student wishing to participate in activities and programs that contribute to development as a member of the greater Concordia community.

The PSA organizes recreational and social gatherings complemented by activities of varying degrees of relevance to the study of philosophy. These events provide the ideal forum for interesting exchanges as well as both academic and social enjoyment over the course of a students’ experience on campus or elsewhere within the university community. The association also supports philosophy students as their deliberative body of representation amongst other groups at Concordia, including the Philosophy department, the University administration and other student groups (e.g. ASFA and CSU). Furthermore, the association endeavors to assist philosophy students in resolving quandaries related to academics; by providing insightful career related advising; and by acting as a front line - the first place a student turns to in need of help.

We seek to create an inspiring and enlightening environment for all students wanting to absorb the knowledge and wisdom that the study of philosophy has to offer. We value the opinions and thoughts of each and every student, and hope that our efforts can be guided by the philosophy student body to best serve the body of philosophy students.

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